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The new 2016 sunglasses is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
The rhythm of the fashion world is always so fast, didn't finish, 2015, 2016 of the fashion product has already been released! Sunglasses as the darling of the fashion world, concave shape, walk in the front, of course, each big brand product has long been familiar. Today small make up and brought you to a trip to the new 2016 sunglasses! Calvin Klein design with modern style restoring ancient ways, distinctive circular frame with unique metal Mosaic; Reverse hinge supplement smooth thin mirror legs, fashion and pleasing to the eye. Series have black and light tortoiseshell. New Salvatore Ferragamo glasses series will be the permanent elegance with contemporary design perfect blend, highlight the brand has always been distinct style. Circular frame and full of rich simple sense of design with simple and agile line, is the essence of the brand. Its leg on original wood grain for Ferragamo ( Ferragamo) Add a contemporary classic design, the design is a new priority in the advertisement, the fashionable glamour unspeakably. Series with black, olive and crimson. As a new bright spot in advertising planning, the design with rich texture. With modern methods to deduce brand trademark Gancino, designers will be hidden in the picture frame and skillfully through the gold-plated metal details show; The left leg lens is compose with brand logo, downy and tonal can highlight the texture of picture frame. Series with black, brown, pink nude and powder blue. With keyhole shape centre sill design new color combination collocation, creates the brand of classical style. This series with the tortoise shell color and black, and then mix wine red, red, green and blue, for its infuse element of a contemporary of; The left mirror compose with gold plated metal brand logo on the leg, fashion. The series also has polarized lens design.
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