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The new spring and summer of 2018 the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
The twinkling of an eye, we ushered in the last months of 2018, 2018 New Year soon, just arrived in the future, as the fashion of the thing in the world - — How can sunglasses, there is no point of new movements? Each big brand new spring and summer of 2018 sunglasses already, let's take a look at what the new 2018 sunglasses into your eyes! Ample, armani, Emporio Armani) 2017 black frame sunglasses circle the circle outline glasses appeared in the Emporio Armani fashion show, both modern beauty and comfort of light as a feather. Metal frame and nylon fiber texture of the round box, before material clever contrast. Design and frame line bridge of the nose full of contrast element is to display the beauty of harmony, easy transition between thick lines. Smooth double made of metal mirror legs, installed directly on box before it, the classic the eagle logo above the hinge ornament, confident and full of strength. Another rectangle optical lens version, is made of super light, tie-in and same fashionable metal picture frame, along a unique color. Optional smoke gray metal picture frame, matte black frame worthy along and mirror legs; Dumb light smoke gray picture frame with red mirror legs and feet. Recommended reading: how about armani sunglasses burberry ( Burberry) Dark glasses 2017 square plate frame, the pure color lenses. Its leg seven ring ring decorated with elegant style, to deduce Burberry classic case grain. Tonal combination: matte black frame collocation wiredrawing gun color metal mirror legs, ornament new honey color plaid details; Tortoise-shell pattern frame collocation wiredrawing gun color mirror legs, with new plaid honey color details. Miu miu ( Miu Miu) Pink sunglasses 2017 double box modelling unique design feeling, give a person with a bold, avant-garde visual enjoyment, tie-in and fluent line and light material, full of fashionable stylish glasses was born. Break the traditional design thinking of glasses, the two kinds of different structures, stack frames, or the transparent lens superimposed on the picture frame, the modelling of unexpected feeling more striking. The style of Miu Miu taste in this brand new sunglasses reinterpretation. Plate texture frames are slightly square, a new rough edge cut plane of the lens, contour lines are soft and beautiful. Picture frame for board texture, tie-in Miu Miu classic shiny fabric. Optional fun clever bright colors, including gray, blue, purple and pink. Ornament Miu Miu letters logo. Oliver skin pass ( 奥利弗人民) Pink sunglasses in 2017 this is a neutral style restoring ancient ways of metal sunglasses, double beam design makes it more individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Hand-carved feather pattern, enamel decoration details, colour is exquisite, unique design result presents. Another light color clear lens version, is a few minutes the verve of optical glasses.
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