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The 'ode to joy' to tell you, women's sunglasses what wave model

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Though the first quarter of the 'ode to joy' has been after for a long time, but believe that people in the plot and characters of them are very deep, also hope that in the second quarter of ode to joy aired earlier, for their anxious waiting for the mood. Today, small make up mainly through the first quarter of the 'ode to joy' several Japanese by wearing women's tide of sunglasses, to bring you a re-collection have distinguishing feature each of them. 1, the queen of the workplace, the aura - — Andy; Believe that Andy is concise and spell able work style in the TV series, gentle and treat people's attitude to life is still deep in people's hearts. She is a sea turtles the workplace, in Numbers, has very high attainments in finance. Work on high efficiency, simple and easy life. In black and white ash capable professional elegant breath is given priority to, from time to time to add some other fashion elements - — Dark glasses, very have interest. Paragraphs that ms tide sunglasses are vacation in the finale, Andy, when wearing at the time of just over quite a lot of ms ode to joy fans are in search for this kind of sunglasses, so small make up to tell you, this is from the FF0142F Fendi sunglasses. 2, follow bratty, ancient clever odd choice - — QuXiao gauze; Queer, domineering bratty, fashionable and easy, beautiful young QuXiao gauze, is five us one of the most distinct personality, although she have a lot of behavior in the TV series by the Japanese people hate her, but you also can understand her, after all, is all for a good purpose. For such a dynamic personality, a pair of ms tide style sunglasses can easily give prize draw! The diagram below, this is the QuXiao gauze of wearing sunglasses in a. 3, the bosom, darling girl -- - — Stretch. Although she is the only a five u. s. -china myopia wear glasses, but also because of this pair of glasses, she's clever art is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, considerate of her girlfriends is also suitable for talk. But even if you take the girl, together with its her several Japanese fashion, it will be 'bad', it's not, in the image below also remove the myopia glasses, wear a pair of don't loss to the top two sunglasses. Have to say that in her the same dull life, occasionally with some jump, in a pair of sunglasses, have to admit that is just the right fashion little emotional appeal. Recommended reading: in the winter, myopia glasses female so sunken modelling the wrong not
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