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The ophthalmologist tells you, what should I do in the following situations? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-23
When buying contact lenses, there are detailed instructions on the product instructions, but there are still some questions that can’t be answered in the instructions. For example: Should contact lenses or cosmetic contacts be worn before or after makeup? Can I wash my face while wearing contact lenses? Can I wear contact lenses when taking a bath? ... etc. Ask the people around you, and you may get a variety of different answers. What is the right thing to do? An ophthalmologist will tell you. Q1. Is it better to wear contact lenses or cosmetic lenses before makeup? Or better to wear after makeup? A1. Please wear contact lenses before makeup. Because if you wear it after makeup, the lens of the contact lens must pass through the eyelashes with thick mascara and the colored upper and lower eyeliner. In addition, the fingers after makeup often stick to the residual dirt of various makeup products, contact lenses The chance of being contaminated by cosmetics is high. Q2. Can I wash my face while wearing contact lenses? A2. Wearing contact lenses will not affect the face washing, but you must remember to close your eyes to wash your face. In addition, in order to prevent the contact lens from being accidentally washed away, it is better to block the water hole of the wash basin. Q3. Can I wear contact lenses while taking a bath? A3. People who are very accustomed to wearing contact lenses can wear contact lenses in the bath. But still pay special attention not to let the contact lenses be washed away. Of course, it is better not to wear it in the bath. For people who cannot see the surrounding environment without wearing glasses, if they have to wear them, they should pay special attention to the fact that the lenses will become very dry in high-temperature places such as saunas. Q4. Can a contact lens that has been stored for a long time be used again? A4. As long as the contact lens is kept in the correct way and is still within the expiration date, the use of the contact lens will not be affected. However, lenses that have not been used for a long time may no longer be suitable in terms of power, so it is better to go to the ophthalmology department to check your vision.
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