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The optometry process of a comprehensive refractometer_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-17
The comprehensive refractometer is an early functional instrument for checking the extraocular muscles, and it is also one of the more effective and reliable instruments for the detection of refractive errors. It is more effective and faster than an audition frame, and can quickly and accurately detect the diopter of patients with refractive errors. But the process of optometry is more complicated. Let's take a look at the process of optometry with a comprehensive refractometer. Comprehensive refractometer optometry process. Objective inspection: first through the automatic computer refractometer, check the diopter of both eyes, or measure the degree of the customer's original lenses, and record it. .Measure the customer's interpupillary distance: The interpupillary distance is the distance between the pupils. Only by accurately measuring the interpupillary distance can the interpupillary distance be accurately positioned on the comprehensive refractometer. .Measure uncorrected visual acuity and dominant eye: it is helpful for auxiliary judgment in optometry, and helps comprehensive refractometer to check out accurate refraction. . Vision correction for one eye: After measuring the uncorrected vision, adjust the interpupillary distance according to the objective data of the computer refractometer, and input the obtained diopter into the instrument checker. .Two-eye balance test: Use polarizers, and add or subtract the corrections of the left and right eyes according to the condition of the dominant eye, so as to achieve the same effect of binocular vision, so that the glasses are more suitable for you. .Try on: After the optometry, try on the glasses to see if they match your eye degree. As long as there is no dizziness, dizziness, or blurred vision, the entire optometry process is basically over. . After optometry, try-on is only an important step to know whether the client can accept the fitting degree. However, the real suitable glasses are based on the communication between the customer and the optometrist. Only by communicating perfectly with the customer can the optometrist understand the customer's real actual situation and real thoughts, and then can check the diopter that is really suitable for the patient. .
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