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The original sunglasses also have life!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
We all know that glasses is a life, after a few years need to be replaced, but you know, sunglasses is also have a life! Experts suggest changing a pair of every two years. Ms gucci GG3688 / F/S sunglasses hawksbill DWJDB Xinhua News Agency, at the university of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the researchers suggest, sunglasses need to be replaced every two years a, because the lens exposure in the sun for a long time will reduce the uv protection ability, easy to damage the cornea, causing vision problems. Researchers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America to do simulation experiment, the sunglasses under the sun simulator, 30 cm distance markers, 'sun' 50 hours continuously, the degradation degree of lens uv protection ability. The 26, the daily mail quoted researchers reported, sunglasses to wear or security for two years. Sunshine is different in different areas of the world, tropical countries and the area of the highest uv, even in the winter is also high, means that the sunglasses uv protection function degradation is faster. In addition, the residents in southern hemisphere sunglasses it frequently than people in the northern hemisphere. Researchers also said that sun long time not only affect the sunglasses uv protection ability, lenses were also more likely to rupture. The results of the study published in journal of biomedical engineering online. Study led Lilian this figure, the professor said the study did not accurately assess the quality of sunglasses, so the result is 'not enough to force', hope to be able to come on sunglasses function of new standards, to ensure the safety of the sunglasses use period. Gucci GG3675 although ms/S 4 WHJJ sunglasses black sunglasses is life, but we can't can't be used for two years and ignore the maintenance of sunglasses, below small make up to you talk about how to maintain sunglasses! ! ! ! ( Relevant article: sunglasses maintenance strategy) Sun glasses maintenance should be as general optical glasses, with a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to remove the dust on the lens or dirt. If lenses have blotch, grease or fingerprints after wiping, still should often clean with lens cleaner, only can keep the glasses look best don't remove the stain on the lens by hand or nails. And should not be the sun glasses '' on the head, in order to avoid pull bad hook, should be careful, don't wear glasses to be placed when folded, and will mirror up, avoid the lens facing down.
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