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The ORIGINAL sunglasses global limited

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Large size of style restoring ancient ways, thick acetate frame, high mirror legs, soft arc corner three tiny metal nail, color collocation Havana cigar, nude, olive green, dark blue, wine red and classic new colour such as black, added a little calm of the contemporary awake. Nostalgic delicate and leading, handmade CeLINE PARIS logo etched in its leg medial low-key. In addition, a unique number is made from natural horn, etching of sunglasses will be global limited release 400 vice, in order to meet the needs of sunglasses connoisseurs and collectors. Perfect with refined garment series, Celine spring/summer 2011 sunglasses series starting in December 2010. Famous actress Carey Mulligan, Katie Holmes, yao Chen, gao is yes, the Chinese and foreign supermodel Claudia Mr Schiffer, Qin Shupei, elite China more frequently with Celine sunglasses 'the ORIGINAL' appear in all kinds of street snap shot.
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