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The popular trend of 2014 glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Nowadays people seem to be increasingly miss moving youth, each designer is also sniffing around restless in the air, they seize the opportunity to reproduce as much as possible that the beam and the development of the dramatic image for many years. CK lenses from the evolution of the box type process, it is easy to found that half of the glasses is back in vogue in 2014 another wave agitation restoring ancient ways. Each big brand designer to highlight, attracted the line of sight, especially make facial outline more profound. Half glasses, although is not a new thing, a new wave of half glasses will pay more attention to quality, appear very delicate and elegant. Ray-ban glasses at the same time, the popular 2014 context, more emphasis on the contrast of color or material of frame design, the spell is different pattern or draw the outline of all kinds of decoration, its purpose is to further highlight visual directivity.
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