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The popularity of fashionable sunglasses to 2016

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Sunglasses design case, but sunglasses fashion trend is different every year. A pair of fashionable wacky, beautiful sunglasses, often for the wearer to earn enough attention. Thus find out every year the popular trend of sunglasses, it is necessary, also to analyze in this small make up the fashion sunglasses to '2016'. 1, round glasses is regarded as the classical interpretation of style restoring ancient ways, whether it is small and pure and fresh Japanese round box, or the European and American super halfback round box, can only say that this is not to collect a pair of round glasses is out of style! 2, plane mercury lens design, to complete development trend this year. This summer popular Korean brand Gentle Monster sweeping the fashion circle, some European and American international boutique is introduced planar mercury sunglasses, immediately by many celebrities, city boy. Recommended reading: star a pair of hands the darling of the lenses to a pair of sunglasses really don't? Before 3, a few years ago, many young people don't like to hang lens, but before restoring ancient ways is popular this year on become a new choice, metal bony completely to the line of sight to dye for restoring ancient ways with a layer of atmosphere. 4, black is in the fashion world for a long time do not fade, inevitably has its great attraction. ALL BLACK series has been a favorite dress fashionable personage, dressed in BLACK except simple handsome. Add a little more of a mystery. So all black sunglasses modeling has become a new fashion.
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