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The principle and advantages of dazzle colour reflective sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-16
Antireflective coating, also known as glare of AR coating and the coating, to improve through the lens of your vision, and to improve the appearance of your glasses. AR lens can improve your vision through a lens, because it can eliminate the lens front and back of the light reflection. By eliminating reflection, allowed 99 AR coating. 5% of the light enter the eye through the lens, the lens look more clear, more attractive, and allow light into your eyes. Recommended reading: look at the stars has a reflective sunglasses agitation suggest AR coating on high refractive index lens, because known these lenses can reflect more light coming from the surface of the lens. Add coating will allow more light through the lens, not produce unpleasant reflection, make it difficult to drive at night. AR coating the surface of the lens to use 'hydrophobic' processing for processing, the processing repel water, eliminate the occurrence of water pollution. AR lens 'oleophobic' is also used for processing for processing, the processing can be waterproof and oil proof. The lens has the lens looks as if he is one of the characteristics of non-stick cookware, but we do not recommend to use them to cook. Coating: the advantages of lenses with coating can not only enhance your appearance; Reduce glare and reflection; When driving at night to reduce glare. AR coating to help prevent people work in front of the computer all day long 'digital eye fatigue'. Enhance the appearance of glasses; Make camera look invisible. Because of the coating is a kind of special coating, so take care of these lenses require more work. For example: do not clean the lens. Even if you only can be in clean water to rinse them before, so you will not have anything in the lens grinding. Can only use superfine fiber cloth, do not use tie or shirt. And in the evening when not in use, please put the glasses in the box. You can use a lens cleaner, but skip most household soap to wash dishes, because it can eat the lens. Keep the alcohol and acetone from the lens, because they could engulf the lens. It is recommended to use these nursing skills, to make sure your AR coating can last as long as possible.
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