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The representative of the lennon glasses round glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Once the beatles John lennon but hit big shots, even if finally was killed, but still left an indelible glory. John lennon's round glasses with clear personal characteristics becomes one of the representatives of the round glasses, until today, there are a lot of people will become the lennon glasses round glasses. Lennon wore round glasses has become his personal logo, the inspiration of round sunglasses now, the fashion industry's favor, summer with match colors bright-coloured colour becomes a collection of retro and trendy, fashionable tide people subscribe to the trick is to make an issue of lens color and picture frame, now let da people give a demonstration. In addition, the tide of Australia brand Ksubi has made the lennon sunglasses, presents a feeling of restoring ancient ways of the 60 s. The outline of some items is circular, designer named 'telescopic sunglasses' to it, and some are designed to turn round in two styles, also called the image of the Omicron ( A Greek letter) 。 The material of frame and lenses are as if the '60 s old black and white pictures of the stars, this series of products is also very easy to bring us back to that era of lennon 'imagine'. 001/68 round frame sunglasses recommendation: ray-ban RB3532 men sunglasses Jin Leipeng RB4222 men sunglasses 622/8 g grind arenaceous black/lenses grey
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