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The role of myopic sunglass clip and use

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Sunglass clip is designed for myopia crowd polarized sunglasses, effectively prevent dazzle light, uv protection. Especially suitable for driving, outdoors, fishing and other outdoor sports. The polarized lens technology, regard as resolving power boost. Eliminate 99% of reflected light and scattered light, can make you more clear field of vision. Lens a special membrane strengthen treatment, the effective degree of wear resistance, scratch resistant, impact resistant. Recommended reading: learning to know how many sunglasses sunglasses clamping piece should be determined by the seven layers of different materials, each layer of the lens in each function. The lenses polarization Angle and radian is based on the principle of precision optical design. Wear a wielder with not imitation as scenery distortion and dizzy feeling! Every piece of lens by the original factory strengthen treatment, scratch resistance and not easy deformation, broken. Can use long security and performance remains the same! Sunglass clip glasses frame production and qualitative material has a professional design and supervision, wear well and comfortably. Sunglass clip belongs to the extension in the frame design of the clamping piece or set of mirrors. Often see in the street, a lot of people still wear a pair of eyeglasses sunglass clip of turn on. In the sun, as long as the sunglass clip down obscure myopic lens, sun protection purposes. To walk in the sun, the sun glasses are fixed on myopia frames, others look like wearing a pair of sunglasses; Entered the room, as long as the sun glasses take off, it is a pair of myopia glasses. This referred to as the 'mirror', there are three types of the fixed sun glasses style, one kind is directly with magnet suck on each side of the frame, the other is the magnetic connection point directly to the design of frame bridge of the nose, and a is a card on the frame. The lenses in addition to ordinary sun glasses, there are a kind of with polarized lens. For women don't like the sunglass clip, suggest you direct buy sunglasses, sunglasses also have special eyes. Below small make up on the way of using the clamping piece step 1, the first to hold the spring clip button, open the clip. 2 spring clip on glasses, picked mediant clamp down on the nose. 3, have the clip clamp glasses, adjust the position. The above is the use of the clamping piece steps is very simple, clamping piece can choose according to their own wear glasses style.
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