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The role of the polarizer

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Polarizer is as people demand more and more requirements and designed a kind of special sunglasses. It belongs to a high-end kind of sunglasses, the polariscope with general sunglasses have no effect, the effect is can effectively block and filter out the various harmful to the eyes of polarized light. In nature except sunlight and ultraviolet light, the light will also through the other Angle reflection not specifications of the reflected light, is commonly known as the 'glare' of our life. All are not dazzling glare, refers to the light, is generally affect the visual light. Experiencing discomfort glare can make the person eyes, easily fatigue, not lasting vision, depending on the definition of a body is obviously not enough. The role of the polarizer is filter out the glare of sunglasses. Polarization is a kind of function actually, not natural light in the initial polarization, it spread in all directions, but when its in a smooth, flat, such as water, snow, beach, the road surface reflection, light is broken into the vertical and horizontal wave. Vertical direction of the light is a useful light level in the direction of the light is bad for our eyes glare, polarized lens is to use colored silicon crystal coating arrangement in vertical direction, like the shutter will parallel light cover, so that glare don't into our eyes. This is the principle of polarizer. Polarizer is suitable for driving, fishing, walking outdoors, etc.
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