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The role of the sunglasses can not concave shape so simple

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Summer, said to the concave shape of the artifact, the absolute is sunglasses, glasses can be said to be the essential concave shape, covered his face, prevent bask in item! But seems not wear sunglasses at home atmosphere you also does not have the habit of wearing dark glasses, a lot of people in the heart of the concern may think the sunglasses will be said B, and ten foreigners, nine sunglasses, you will not feel strange! But love fashionable outfit b, sunglasses are essential. Can have the effect of sunglasses is not only a concave shape pack b ~ let's talk about the role of the sunglasses, why do we have to wear sunglasses to reason one: sunglasses is concave shape essential artifact! Sunglasses why afraid of being said B, because after sunglasses, integral feeling is different, cool a lot, a suitable sunglasses, can shape a bonus for you! I am such a lazy man, so, for example, in the summer go out don't want to draw the eye makeup, then draw a red lip, sunglasses to go out, others will think you're beautiful! Reason two: cover your big face, eye ministry is prevented bask in artifact! Besides the role of concave shape the most intuitive, and, more importantly, actually is wearing dark glasses can eye ministry is prevented bask in, can protect the fragile eye skin, don't let the eyes or cause sunburn melanin precipitation! Ultraviolet ray can accelerate the skin aging, we all know this, so they leave or to open an umbrella body sunscreen, and sunglasses are umbrella of the eye part to resist ultraviolet ray, and avoid glare squinting, form the fine lines around the eyes, also protect eye! So these love fashion sunglasses goblins, is actually take good care of yourself! Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses leg/C8 red box gold lens ash so what kind of sunglasses sunglasses? First, a pair of good sunglasses is certainly not a roadside stall, so a roadside stall sunglasses don't buy! Don't buy cheap! Some girl is purely for the sake of concave shape, bought a bunch of variety of sunglasses, sum up may not be more than one hundred! This kind of sunglasses, if you just wearing a PIC self-time, that you buy, if wear out, girl, don't, because the hurt in your eyes, the eyes are the window of the soul, good protection! Then, sunglasses color so much, need to choose! The sun glasses will be divided into four kinds, according to the depth, in turn, were 15%, 34%, 50%, 70% 15% of the shallow depth, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially people with eyes have a degree, can avoid to remove and put on the trouble. The depth of the 34%, suitable for general use under the sun; 50% of the sun glasses, can be in the hot sun and the beach wear; 70%, wearing welding! Suggest to buy colour: the best lens for human eye color is: gray, green, dark brown too deep shallow is bad! Supplement: no color depth of the deep uv the cow x, color depth and anti-uv it doesn't matter, uv resistance associated with the lens material. Recommended reading: what sunglasses lens material has just said, uv protection, has nothing to do with the depth of the lens has something to do with material. If joined the ultraviolet light material, so it is with the function of ultraviolet, and this kind of glasses, usually have UV logo! The present processing technology, seemingly highest uv can reach 97%, still can't get 100%! And, apart from the Uv identification, is the material, resin lenses, Uv protection function is stronger, suggest to buy! And glass of uv protection ability is poor, not only can damage the eyes, do not recommend to buy!
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