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The SAN SAN yuan white shirt + tide sunglasses show fresh and fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Ma3 jia3 shanshan sanya line queen yuan you record shows in Shanghai pudong airport, to participate in a fashion brand activities, on the day of the SAN SAN yuan half round head, a deep V white shirt wearing sunglasses is very pure and fresh and fashion. SAN SAN yuan in weibo claiming to be a shirt, wearing a white shirt back deep v big chain red bag is tie-in jeans, leisure small white shoes on feet, concise and comfortable, super covered face star flavour, foot! Sunglasses with money: ray-ban RB3016 black box blackish green piece of sheet metal high-end fashion tide sunglasses great code Ms. Sun glasses with actress love tiffany tang recently a gorgeous dress up at guangzhou baiyun international airport, is also a tide sunglasses covered face, though dark glasses, mask, cap all armed or recognized by fans, leaking temperament of a bully! Although sunglasses is a good helper of ascension temperament, but also need to take a good to have the desired effect, so sunglasses match need how to do? Please look at the sunglasses in this way can take an amazing summer, in detail the collocation of sunglasses and face, the collocation of sunglasses and lip color. May Day is coming, if you want to prepare vice tide sunglasses meimei da street, to purchase sunglasses glasses factory network, style, quality excellent, the price is cheaper more oh ~
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