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The side of the road you don't wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Sorching summer, the hot weather recently, ultraviolet you2 qiang2, lethality of the eyes is very big, the street wearing sunglasses are also more than usual. But when asked how they choose sunglasses, a lot of people answer is answer mostly focus on design. If long time wear defect sunglasses can easily lead to amblyopia, cause acute close Angle glaucoma, contrast appear eyes tired, numbness, acid bilges and even headaches, disgust, and a series of symptoms. Anta AT8002C1 large black frame sunglasses hipster fashion authentic female polarized sunglasses on the market of full of beautiful things in eyes of sunglasses, quality is uneven, quote from ten yuan to several hundred yuan. In the face of such a good sunglasses store, consumers and how to choose? Look small make up to you to action. The preferred professional optician glasses of professional optician or specification products manufacturers' is usually a specification, quality and price are guaranteed. In addition it remains to be seen whether choose sunglasses have about identity, such as manufacturers, index, the number of national standard and QS logo, etc. Consumers the best in advance to the website to know some sunglasses brands and use, in order to not affect to use, and also can distinguish true and false. Sunglasses factory YC9703 women sunglasses C3 black/dazzle colour blue lens materials professional uv protection sunglasses lens usually resin material or raw material of glass, for appearance and smooth, without a ripple, no defects, no bubbles, no grinding crack. If you have, to clarify the lens is not flat, there is concave and convex, belongs to the unqualified lenses. Some cheap plastic lens, sunglasses, boutique have harm to eyes and skin. Try to observe customers choosing sunglasses can be placed in sight, after lens observation policy in the distance. The glasses again from top to bottom and move around, such as swing or found to have linear distortion and has the feeling of vertigo, clarify the lens dioptre deformation, unqualified for the sun glasses. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4225 men 646/55 transparent lens colour has elegant lens color choice has two principles, one is put on after see the colour of surroundings not distortion, the second is the object of marginal clear. Near-sighted choose brown lens is more comfortable, far-sighted will be better to choose green lens, gray lenses for any can balanced absorption spectra, there will be no significant color difference, all right. If the lens is gradient color, attention should be paid to see some can block the eye color deep. Myopia can also wear sunglasses sunglasses for sale in the business are now, there are usually two kinds, one kind is dyed myopia sunglasses, with sunglasses frames with color resin myopic lens; Another is to color the sun lenses, indoor when wearing and ordinary myopic lens, in the outdoor sunlight color sunglasses, leave out the trouble in glasses.
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