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The silk road sunglasses - — 'If a fine silk, fashion path'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
The silk road, SILU) — — If 'exquisite silk, fashion road', a poetic brand name, associated with young, dynamic, fashion, tide, also represents a sunshine state of mind, beautiful mood. Brand management is an important link in the modern business model, is a direct relationship with the life of the enterprise, and the establishment of the brand is not the thing, is the enterprise for a long time in the operation and management aspects of the accumulation, a good image in the customer heart irreplaceable. Xiamen MingHui optical glasses co. , LTD. , aim at sunglasses this chaoyang market create 'the silk road, SILU) 'Sunglasses brand to brand management as the key point, tree brand image, in the industrialization way to brand image to promote enterprise development by leaps and bounds, in the fierce market competition, promoting' if fine silk road ', fashion culture, stand in the forefront, grasps the popular element, is committed to the 'silk road ( SILU) 'As China famous brand sunglasses camps. The silk road brand as to a kind of intangible assets management of enterprises, is the core of the silk road brand expansion. A prestigious brand name, should not only have certain popularity, at the same time also has a certain reputation, only the harmonious and unified, competitive vitality and energy. The silk road, SILU) Adhering to the business reflected in brand decision-making, brand design, brand image. First, excellent quality is the foundation on the brand road, the silk road always adhere to the product quality is the life of the enterprise, the product is an extension of the quality of after-sales service. Always adhere to the good faith as the foundation, to serve as the center, adhere to the principle of service. SILU picture frame material selects the high-end plank and top with mirror material such as high-quality manganese nickel alloy; Lenses to choose high CR - 39 lens, lens, PC. Compared to the other similar lens is super light, thin, waterproof properties is good, more clear, hard and flowers, and impact resistance, security is not broken, 99% filter harmful light, such as ultraviolet radiation to eliminate glare, to real natural visual image, is the better choice for protecting your eyes. Second, the brand expansion since 2005 and 2006, the silk road, SILU) Brand sunglasses for two consecutive years by China's top model competition of China new silk road model contest '' specially designated as' designated fashion glasses '. SILU brand spread widely in the fashion world. Since 2011, the silk road, SILU) Famous brand sunglasses to choose Taiwan singer - - Hung Ming as brand spokesman, Chris yu temperament elegant, poetic romance, YiDe lofty personality, and SILU ( ( The silk road) Brand sunglasses wen wan elegant, romantic brand achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, in. In February 2012, the silk road, SILU) Brand sunglasses meticulously, to attend on behalf of the domestic glasses glasses products popular trend direction of 2012 Shanghai professional exhibition, the exhibition, the silk road ( SILU) Many glasses sales agent brand sunglasses to get the recognition, and in order to cooperate with sales agents around the speed ( The silk road) Brand sunglasses sales, the company is increasing in the advertisement propaganda, on the developing trend of markets, the choice of influential media brand for a full range of lifting and pulling, such as interactive program sponsored by zhejiang satellite TV 'I love remember lyrics' and provided to the fashionable young gens, looking for life partner dating interactive class column 'love lianliankan', choice of gansu TV prime-time densely on the SILU ( The silk road) Brand sunglasses, won the national agents and consumers agree, as well as ( The silk road) Around the brand sunglasses in rendering good sales performance has laid a good marketing environment. Three, to carry out the new marketing model for the silk road in the summer, is doomed to be a busy summer. Is the silk road elite with fiery passion, actively carry out flexible business strategy, the silk road in both brand image and terminal marketing on to the next level. The silk road, SILU) The product category is rich, unique style, is the better choice for fashion crowd. Sorching summer, the sun dazzling dazzling, each to the world is a piece of golden at noon, a pair of chic and stylish sunglasses not only brings blow gently cool meaning, still can add some mystery and cold ao. Title: silk road sunglasses - — 'If fine silk, fashion path' post: glasses sunglasses factory network
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