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The singer 2 Deng Zi chess round face with big glasses of state

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
With the popular of 'I am a singer 2', the singer Deng Zi chess gradually got the attention of everyone, exploded in popularity, and the appearance of her also praised by the fans. Sparked a weibo 'round competition'. The hit drama 'stars' in 'two thousand' star quan zhixian also was pushed to the top of the list for a round face. Deng Zi chess petite appearance, appearance is not beautiful, but its with baby fat round of pure sex appeal, a pair of big glasses will puffy round face foil cuteness, purple beautiful hair, give a person a kind of illusory sense of beauty, the netizens praised. As a 90 after Deng Zi is hit by 'singer 2', known as giant lung will sing, and the show MOE lovely capability also have no. Whether its retro glasses embryonic state, imitation cat or imitate goldfish vividly, are popular with Internet users.
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