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The star's demonstration popular logo sunglasses for you Gentle Monster

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Gentle Monster in April 2011 by five with koreans lead dream was created. Brand design style bold, bright color, deserve to act the role of element halfback, modelling, personality is distinct, loved by many stars. And GENTLE MONSTER has been committed to in such aspects as culture, science and technology, the trend to become the market leader, let's take a look at the star wiping how demonstration of the popular logo sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER! Yun-long zhang: yun-long zhang white T the modelling of the jacket, collocation is popular logo Gentle Monster sunglasses, camouflage backpack, let a person shine at the moment, feel more handsome have a type. 温柔的怪物, FAME 02 smile: smile airport photos look exposure, leisure dress up, pure and fresh and gorgeous, with Gentle Monster sunglasses, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, cool type. 温柔的怪物, BIG leant 01, : Gentle Monster - 跳爆竹02 ( Y) Took a group of street fashion, taking pictures, he put on a Gentle Monster sunglasses, chao fan, has combed the balls first, the cowboy coat matchs green and white printing long sleeves, and spike, languid is lazy and along with the gender. Zhang Li: Zhang Li wob head personality randomly, white T-shirt with tassel denim skirt, white long legs highlighted looms, the rack Gentle Monster sunglasses, tide feels dye-in-the-wood, the overall look pure and fresh nature and do not break individual character. 温柔的怪物, TYPE 1 BD3 stephy: I'm still alive is a set of New Zealand photos exposure, snow-capped mountains under the background of wearing a long black and white fur coat, simple atmosphere, show the queen of the fan. With Gentle Monster sunglasses, all black borders, oversized glasses, 'qi ye' feats. 温柔的怪物, LA ROUGE 01 miumiu: miumiu incarnation bond girl, big wavy hair with Gentle Monster sunglasses, send out enchanting royal elder sister fei, retro red lip, hao arts of milk, nobility is elegant, enchanting body take in everything in a glance. 温柔的怪物, 大恶霸03 ( 1M) 温柔的怪物, BIG leant series sunglasses from traditional Boeing sunglasses and design, through the circular box before and its unique personality as made of metal. Gao Yang: a set of new exotic street snap Gao Yang online, baseball uniform and deduce the streets of London carefree. Pink is tender pink baseball uniform highlights girl, hole female jeans highlights the character charm, freely by the wind hair more added recreational flavor, Gentle Monster - choose a big box type The Dreamer sunglasses, full of fashion. 温柔的怪物, 做梦者01 ( 6M) The above content provided by glasses sunglasses factory network, more Gentle Monster, please go to the information and sunglasses fashion sunglasses glasses factory network view.
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