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The star sunglasses also have miss choice

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
People say that the star was a model of fashion, as long as it is a star like accessories, clothing, hair style and so on can certainly in the 'folk' popular. Stars like to use sunglasses play fashion concave shape, but people always miss, will match the star is not exceptional also. Below small make up lists several, let's see, do you feel the same way? 1, design to choose wrong fan bingbing fan bingbing, but the collocation of fashion, but occasionally stumble. This unique modelling glasses very rob mirror, but pure round shape is more let a person cannot not notice the fan bingbing, double chin, make frame fan bingbing look plump ~ evolved this pair of glasses is not strange, it is common, teardrop-shaped glasses lined face small and overall look more fashionable, also with age reduction effect. Small make up remind: 'circular frame sunglasses especially unique round frame sunglasses, must choose carefully, careless slightly, will face more round. 'Shu qi shu qi in the fashion circle is rising, and once the royal silk skirt amaze everyone, but why would the goddess so black ~ square face of shu qi was wearing square glasses looms party ~ well ~ small make up well. Evolution after the picture frame with the deputy, is oval faces both visual feeling, immediately all edges and corners are hiding, the overall effect looks ok is not just a degree? Small make up remind: 'by the same token, the sister of square face also want to avoid tetragonal and clear glasses, or seconds to change the appearance of the above carefully, ha ha' 2, size does not match the grandson couple the tide mirror we have talked about before empress collection, want to see the children here. Small make up the original empress wildest dreams also have black history, the sunglasses grandson couple wears completely little of the feeling of a code, wearing a don't think it is sunglasses, the whole it is blind both visual sense ah ~ ~ fortunately, the empress is white, save a little. Evolution after how, this is big change, big size is smaller, but also fashion girl feels dye-in-the-wood. Small make up remind: 'judging sunglasses size according to the size of the face, is too small not only face, the truth also is a little old' li-ying zhao since watched spend bone was small circle bone powder, and elder wal play also didn't lose array. Can this collocation is not in proportion with the acting small oval faces clearly put on such a wonderful work of small round sunglasses, the funny image! Evolved although tie-in skill has yet to be promoted, but the sunglasses is worth noting, the same black sunglasses, the size is more suitable for a little, so it is no problem of star fan ~ small make up remind: the 'sunglasses judging according to the size of the face, the size of the glasses is too big, also can not appear no spirit, also very strange' 3, color orthodox Yang mi big power power in taste is getting better and better after her birth, collocation is all praise. The left picture is before she go to the collocation of fashion week, small make up just poking fun at this pair of glasses, the forehead, the color of the complex don't know how big power power. Too acosmia! Appear very dark skin. Evolution after the big power instead of power after giving birth to a small glutinous rice is called girl power, the collocation of nature is little not to do, see her sunglasses, savour natural too ~ so classic tan is the joker ~
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