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The streets of south Korean dry up sunglasses and summer worthy of yo

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
To say summer right away what is the essential item of the street? The answer is: sunglasses! Go to South Korea, of course, have to be bought a pair of Gentle Monster back don't empty a line, but the south Korean domestic glasses brand is also a lot of ~ no matter do you have any plan to go to the, let's look at South Korea's Gril and Obama's sunglasses match! ! ! ! Summer is coming, certainly must have the color of summer, the collocation of color blue Bai Hongsan relaxed and connect fully, cool blue sunglasses foil the fair maiden is a dress up properly; The eternal collocation of black and white ash will never go wrong, fine round metal glasses details are full; Denim overalls, leisure and fashion, red berets blue sunglasses, sense of future conflict with retro phase modulation fusion; The boy wear pink no niang, is fashionable, pink hair ribbon, T-shirt, glasses, is also a little too take tone! Now, not only be boys prefer pink, red is the Obama to have a lot of style, but more absorption of laser glasses eyes! Motorcycle jacket, torn jeans, shorts, sneakers, good-looking girls would like to try such collocation, however sunglasses make you rock and roll style more apparent; Cat's eye lens a bit sharp, but with vents of dress and super waterproof boots have no acosmia; The boy along with the gender of the t-shirts, baseball caps, it is daily comfortable dress up TOP1, add a pair of sunglasses, the street is necessary! The article from the phoenix fashion, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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