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The sun at eight color lenses accordingly see demand

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Summer has arrived, the hot weather has been for many days, it is necessary to do a good job is prevented bask in, not only need to protect our skin, our eyes need sunscreen to protect more, besides the umbrellas, hats, more effective and more fashionable is to wear sunglasses, so what color sunglasses only meet our own needs? Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass gold box blackish green (001/58 Polarized light) Dark green lenses: in absorb light, maximum limit to add to the eyes of green light, so there's a cool comfortable feeling, use simple eyes tired right person. But because of its low penetrability and clarity, suitable to wear when basking, harness should not be wearing. Sunglasses factory YC9706 unisex sunglass C1 bright black/grey lens: for any chromatographic equilibrium absorption, so watch will only dim but there would be no significant color difference and show the true feelings. Dark brown lens: the absorption of light purple, cyan, can absorb most of the ultraviolet and infrared, it can stop sucking reflex the light light appearance, wear glasses still can see some subtle, is the ambition of the driver. Sunglasses factory ms YC9709 sunglasses C2 black lenses/dazzle colour blue lens: the most popular sun glasses in color, can effectively filter the water and the reflection of the light blue sky, the right to play on the beach. Mercury lens: the lens appearance is made of high mirror coating. Such lens more absorption and reflection of visible light, suitable for outdoor sports. Yellow lenses: strictly speaking, this type of lenses do not belong to the sun glasses, because its can't cut the visible light, but in the foggy and evening time, the yellow lenses can progress contrast, supply more precise, so called night vision goggles. Hunting, shooting, wear the yellow lenses when filter is very common. Shallow blue, shallow pink lens: decorative than practical lenses.
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