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The sun glasses color associated with uv protection ability?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Hot summer is coming, have a lot of people in the early to prepare a pair of fashion and eye sunglasses, not only can concave shape, also can prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes. However, when a lot of consumer is buying sunglasses there are pitfalls: sunglasses the deeper the color uv protection ability, the better. So, is this true? And listen to the sunglasses glasses stretch to factory. Sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays have anything to do with the lens color? Many sunglasses sellers is not professional, product knowledge of sunglasses itself is not particularly understand. So when we have customers began to say to the customer at random, the result is a customer fall for it, such as some stores to introduce customers to sunglasses claim to the home of the color of the lenses of rays have special effect. For lenses color whether to prevent ultraviolet ray, ophthalmology, experts say, sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray is by UV lens ( Uv) Standard. UV400 lenses, for example, can prevent 100% of ultraviolet ray, UV100 lenses can prevent 96% to 98% of the ultraviolet light. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses to look at the UV standard of the lens. Glasses sunglasses factory advised, when buying sunglasses good from the perspective of the victory of the people, the Yang mirror color too deep too shallow, is likely to cause damage to the eyes.
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