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The sun glasses degree with what is good

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Sunglasses are generally flat design, so many friends because of myopia, inconvenient to wear fashionable sunglasses, very trouble! Just is popular prescription sunglasses on the market, namely the myopia sunglasses, 'myopia gens' don't have to be forced on the basis of contact lens wear sunglasses, can be directly is wearing prescription sunglasses, vision correction and balance fashion and personality! But just good sun glasses degree? Men sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9015 gun color myopia sunglasses big box with prescription sunglasses concerned expert reminds, not all myopia can wear sunglasses. Eyes degree difference between more than two baidu, and more than eight monocular baidu is not wearing sunglasses to change color. Myopic degree is not high, otherwise the lens will be thick, generally for the following five baidu myopia, at the same time, he also remind myopia, not obsessed with fashion and beautiful, forget the quality of the glasses. If myopic degree is higher, more than 600 degrees, it is not very suitable to use myopia sunglasses, the edge of the lens will be thick, and the center thickness is thin, appears the lens color is not consistent, can consider to use the clip. Is so prescription sunglasses are in fact the advantages and disadvantages coexist, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as when the choose and buy a pair of suitable sunglasses.
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