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The sun glasses for mountaineering

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
High mountain snow is easy to damage the eyes, in terms of ultraviolet ray, the height of 10000 feet of snow reflected light over the beach more than 50%, the naked eye retina is very easy damage, causing great pain called snow blindness, sunglasses can reduce the damage, but don't be deceived by cloudy weather, due to ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, dazzling light will cause headache, and sunglasses will have more than 95% of the filtering effect. Ray-ban RB4187 - F unisex sunglass 856/13 hawksbill tea box piece of multi-purpose sunglasses must be backed by a 20% penetration rate. When buying in front of a mirror, if you can easily see its eyes is too bright. If you want to see the real color, the color of the lens best choose grey or green; If you want to in the cloudy or foggy weather want to see the best carefully selected yellow lenses; About infrared, general sun glasses can avoid the infrared radiation and maintain the eyes, but if you value the sun may be direct damage. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4222 men 622/8 g grind arenaceous black/lenses grey mountain climbing sunglasses laybourne RB3449 men sunglasses silver/lens dazzle colour blue 004/55 many climbers, pick use contact lenses, due to the contact lenses can improve visual acuity, there will be no water, but many defects, too, such as sand, dirt can cause eye irritation, together on the outside is not easy to clean and maintain. CC glasses net expert advice, for outdoor activities, the best don't wear contact lenses or spare frame glasses or the sun glasses.
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