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The sun glasses mixed in the overall quality of xi

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Sunglasses by keep out the sun, in order to reduce the fatigue caused by excessive with the eye or strong light stimulation, is a kind of personal protective equipment. 2%.
the spot check result shows that the sunglasses overall product quality is good, but there are still a lot of quality problems. Ordinary glass as the purple lens true, that is, to ordinary glass as anti ultraviolet lens. Ordinary sunglasses don't have the function of uv irradiation, sunglasses only through special processing, will have additional protective properties such as uv, impact resistant. Expressly in the spot check of 88 kinds of samples, which has the function of uv product has 49 kinds, there are two kinds of products can not achieve the effect of uv protection, two kinds of unqualified samples for glass lenses, that is true. Now more and more people pay attention to health, paid great attention to product protection function, the eye is the organ that is sensitive to uv light, a large number of accept the ultraviolet light can cause the eye diseases such as cataracts, when consumer choose and buy sunglasses should also pay special attention to.

product label is not standard in this spot there are three products leak or wrong logo sunglasses categories. According to spot check information, in the spot check of 68 production enterprises, in the true sense of sunglasses factory only accounts for a third, and brands ( Including brand production, agents, brand) Accounts for two-thirds. Marketers brands around the store products, many of them without any logo, no factory name, address, phone number, and no label. No uv protection function of the product is marked with uv protection function, the spot check of three kinds of tagging the unqualified products.

how to choose the style of sunglasses sunglasses on the market, the color is very rich, different people, according to different preferences and different use to select the sunglasses, but the underlying from can guarantee the safety of the wearer and vision of the basic principles of damage. Reduce glare, see things clear deformation, uv protection, no distortion of color identification, accurate identification of the traffic signal, should be the basic function of sunglasses. So when choosing sunglasses, not only pay attention to the design, while ignoring its inherent quality.

consumer be sure to clear himself of choose and buy when the choose and buy sunglasses sunglasses. Currently sold on the market of sunglasses there are two main categories, one is the & # 8220; Shading mirror & # 8221; Keep out sunshine, role. The second is the & # 8220; Light color sunglasses & # 8220; , is a popular varieties in recent years, the main decorative effect. If the wearer mistake such glasses also when the shade in the mirror, not only not shading effect, and may damage the eye.
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