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The sun glasses which a few kinds are there

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Many people like to wear sunglasses, but the choice of sunglasses and the function of the lens have many doubts, actually the choice of the sun glasses have what knowledge? Small make up today will give you spread your knowledge in the sun glasses. The sun glasses, also known as sun glasses. Because the person is in the sunlight usually rely on regulating the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux in order to avoid light damage to the eyes. So many people use shading mirror to keep out sunshine, to relieve his eyes to adjust the damage caused by fatigue or strong light stimulation. Article 1. 561 to grey sixth generation all sight uv myopia lenses sun glasses generally fall into three categories: color lenses, dyeing lenses, polarized lenses ( 1) Color lenses: the main role is to protect the eyes, prevent the strong light stimulation. The color of the lens in the indoor and outdoors due to strong light irradiation, the lens from colorless to color. When choosing color changing the color of the lens, general advice to choose these three kinds of color, dark brown, green, and gray. Because these three kinds of color accord with visual physiology, to improve the visual contrast and clarity, color that doesn't make the scene change because of the lens. ( 2) Dyeing lens: to prevent sunlight intense stimulation to cause damage to the eyes. By a specific process will lenses with different colors, to achieve different visual environment demand. Dyeing the lens is not suitable for use in indoor, because can affect visual result. General can provide manufacturers with a color swatches, personal preferences and use the environment to decide the choice of the color. Article 1. 499 gray polarizing sunglasses all uv myopic lens ( 3) Polarized lens: only allow natural light in a particular polarization direction of the light through the lens. Reduce the visual discomfort glare caused, suitable for outdoor sports wear. For example: Marine sports, skiing and fishing. Different types of sun glasses corresponds to the different needs of the crowd, but the choose and buy sunglasses must be in normal optical shop of choose and buy, inferior glasses will only have a negative impact to the eyes oh ~
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