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The sunglasses is the real role of what?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Although the summer is drawing to a close, burning sun pawn prevent bask in work still cannot little, especially the sunglasses. At that time some people will think that superfluous action, in this I can only say that you didn't understand what is the function of real sunglasses. Now a lot of people use sunglasses concave shape, or use sunglasses shade, a lot of people think of the sunglasses the real effect is uv protection. So before you wear sunglasses might as well to know the real role of sunglasses! Sunglasses role is one of the main filter ultraviolet light. Too much in the sun's ultraviolet ( UV) Exposure can cause cataracts, pterygium, eyelids and electro-optic eye inflammation diseases such as skin cancer. Even wearing a hat along wide, also can block ultraviolet (uv) of 50% to the eye, so you also need to wear sunglasses. Recommended reading: how to distinguish whether the sunglasses uv protection and sunglasses can also be filtered short wavelength blue light, the study found that long-term exposure to the uv and blue light frequency, is the old age in age-related macular degeneration ( AMD) Risk factors of the disease. The feeling of comfort is also one of the important factors of wearing sunglasses. Dazzling sunshine makes eyes uncomfortable, depending on the impact of clarity, people will squint, tears, and the wear sunglasses, comfort level will increase greatly. Wearing sunglasses dear friends, don't put the sunglasses as fashion accessories, only to understand its real role, must not penny wise and pound foolish oh
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