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The sunglasses sales season, are you really?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Summer has come, when the consumer need sunglasses season, most natural is the sunglasses sales season, but in this age of online shopping popular, sunglass is not a sales entity store had peak season? Buy sunglasses and without it, so long as the style you like, and generally cheaper than entity shop, online delivery is also hot days don't have to run back and forth, why not? Sunglasses factory here in order to solve the entity store had thought for a few small methods, hope that we can store more and more prosperous! Recommended reading: qiu dong season, would you like to wear sunglasses? One, to promote activities to attract customers, increase the rate of customers into stores generally promote free gift is given priority to, the customer first drawn to the store, such as: free gifts; Free optometry, free maintenance glasses; Small and medium-sized roadshow, 1 yuan of bidding, etc. Displayed caused by customer focus, interested to buy beautiful, character display method will try to attract the customers interest, thus increasing their desire, good display techniques commonly used are the following: 1, number skills: display number, want to goods display 'minimum quantity' as the premise, generally eighty percent full; 2, 'visible' : 'want to sell goods' as its name implies is to store Settings in highly in a prominent place, convenient to choose; Skills: 3, direction to the direction of the customer feel attractive to display, should try to foil with wide surface using soil car goods of 'quantity of feeling'; To match colors beautiful face, give the customer a kind of fashion, elegant impression; 4, color: consider the dark series before, and bright color series, also can be used, popular glasses and glasses in front of new season. The desire to buy three, by the combination method to enhance the customer's promotion 'buy' : the more favorable for customer myopic amblyopia, buying sunglasses, it is not very convenient, here I can launch sweet package for the customer 'contact lenses and sunglasses' 'contact lens + detailer + sunglasses' 'detailer + sunglasses' and so on is more favorable. For not myopic has set the optional 'fashion decorative frame + sunglasses' 'glasses detailer + sunglasses', etc. Four, with professional optometry enhance customer trust, and thus improve conversion rates as people every day in the face of mobile phone, computer time increased, rate of myopia and amblyopia has been improved, we can provide customers with professional optometry service carefully is a deal the last and most crucial step. So, sunglass factory believe that consumers will be more willing to come into your store to buy sunglasses, still not quick action!
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