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The tide of CLOT glasses: Chen molecules

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Edison Chen has always been to unruly image appeared in front of us, even if the ups and downs for several times, have experienced, infamous comeback is still after tide people chasing idols. Now, he is still just still leads the way, also started their popular logo CLOT. Small make up today through CLOT to lead people into the Edison life within easy reach of the trend. CLOT CLOT is founded by the famous Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen condensation group ( 凝块的家庭) Short for clothing brand name and its trend. Condensation group is a LIFESTYLE company, founded in 2003, by the famous Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen, June. Mainly to create clothing ( Including the CLOT brand clothing and JUICE shop in Hong Kong) , planning the PARTY, to help clothing company with Consultant, etc. CLOT brand clothing is the first popular logo in China, occupies a place in the global trend of the brand. The and condensation group founded at the same time, the current run Chen. CLOT with NIKE, PEPSI, Levi 's famous clothing brands have close cooperation, and CLOT JUICE shop has become the Hong Kong tourist resort. Introduction of shops inside the mainland, ACU address: Shanghai luwan district ( Now huangpu district) Changle road no. 139 changle road, 15 is the trend in Shanghai and tide, the shop is known as the harajuku in Shanghai! On December 2, 6 years, Chen CLOT into mainland to expand its own brand, luwan district in Shanghai changle road 139, 15 shops opened his second trend between ACU, ACU shop is divided into two layers, in-store decorate individual character is dye-in-the-wood, classical style, Chinese flavor is thick enough. ACU from English acupuncture ( Acupuncture) With acupressure ( Acupressure/massage) Letter heading, condensed by CLOT group's three main members: Chen Edison Chen, mainly, tendon, Tom Chung, Hanjin Hanjin pour. 主营品牌:阿迪达斯侦察威斯维姆血栓不败,成语Subware OriginalFake KANGOL耐克。 2, JUICE SH on December 5, 2009 by CLOT in the brain Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, set up the third stores first stop is China, a three-story building culture, is located in Shanghai's jing 'an district the stag road, purpose is to borrow from the JUICE of SH platform through the western fashion culture and Chinese history in harmony to create original street culture in China. The tide of brand. CLOT popular logo glasses CLOT with American street fashion sunglasses brands MOSLEY TRIBES try to collaborate, stimulate new design inspiration, to bring a CLOT unique temperament of stylish sunglasses, black with black crystal face frame, mirror arm insert silver details such as the end of the wire and hollow square, highlight the brand image. Can cooperate with grey reflective color lenses, along with the light intensity change color, also with limited edition Head Porter sun glasses box, high price. Above is the small make up finishing editing sunglasses factory, more knowledge glasses to sunglasses factory glasses net please look at it. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn/additional glasses sunglasses factory network has a variety of glass lens to choose from, oh, quality and cheap!
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