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The tide of Lady gaga glasses to the wind

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Glasses have now is not only a functional products, but with more adornment effect, deserve to act the role of a suitable glasses can even change a person's image, nature also become to the & # 8220; Tide & # 8221; Themselves and wants to enter the & # 8220; Tide & # 8221; The tide of the necessary accessories.
“ 我的雷帝嘎嘎! ” , this sentence in 2010 for power network buzzwords out of people's attention to Lady Gaga, this was born in 1986 in the American girl was changed to the use of English habits, one thousand, at the same time, her ever-changing apparel, accessories and surprising, summarizes its characteristics, glasses is an important part of her.
in the present, various glasses modelling, color is multifarious, appear even the presence of the lens, the choice of how to choose suits own glasses become every tide. Perhaps, the choice of the front of the fashion celebrities more are instructive.
the queen Lady Gaga is a & # 8220; Glasses control & # 8221; , said Lady Gaga is a trendsetter is a little, she had already put the fashion and trends behind him, even the so-called popular wet person, struggled to chasing the she, struggling to keep up with the pace of her. 'American' Lady Gaga in the MV of blond hair, white fur coats, strange hate day white high heels, white nail polish, and even mice tire on the hair, soon became the object of imitation, and of course that the & # 8220; Cool & # 8221; Restoring ancient ways of Carrera sunglasses. In addition to the Carrera and Lady Gaga once worn the & # 8220; The electrician & # 8221; Sunglasses, Alexander & # 8226; King, Amy Leo & # 8226; Passionately 89850, Steve Boi, etc. , don't ask reason, just follow her wearing, naturally also became a hipster.
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