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The tortoiseshell also has new colors, and the tortoiseshell glasses create a boring male

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
I believe that when you see the word 'tortoiseshellYes, the tortoiseshell is indeed a product from nature, but it is not produced by plants, but a creature - sea turtle. Not long ago, a well-known European eyewear manufacturer officially launched a new color tortoiseshell glasses. Different from the old brown tortoiseshell, it gave the tortoiseshell a more flexible color. Combined with new technology, it designed lively yellow and warm orange tortoiseshell glasses. The series is very suitable for men with a low-key style, and can easily create a sultry and handsome male image. Tortoiseshell Glasses - The lively yellow tortoiseshell glasses that catches our eyes are this lively yellow tortoiseshell glasses. The clear yellow is mixed with brown and black. No matter where it is, it is a unique and never the same pattern, forming a peculiar and gorgeous tortoiseshell color. . The new color tortoiseshell glasses have changed the old-fashioned style, which is very suitable for men who want to pursue fashion but do not want to be too conspicuous. Just wear the lively yellow tortoiseshell glasses gently, and the modern style of the sultry and handsome man can't be stopped. . Tortoiseshell Glasses - Warm Orange was decrypted by the manufacturer, and the editor learned that, in fact, this tortoiseshell glasses are not made of real natural tortoiseshell, but use newer technology to post-process the resin material and then make it into tortoiseshell color, That's why tortoiseshell glasses have such brilliant colors. The warm orange tortoiseshell glasses seem to absorb the autumn sunlight, and the full and translucent colors make up for the rough temperament of men, adding a softness to the unruly. If you want to turn into a sultry man, these warm orange tortoiseshell glasses are your best choice. Through the explanation of the editor, you must have a certain understanding of tortoiseshell glasses. Such a novel and refined tortoiseshell glasses is really a must-have for boring and saucy men. If you want to increase your attention, aren't you excited?
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