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The transformation of the private custom feng work?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Private ordering is Huayi Brothers Media Corporation2013 years' comedy movies, directed by director feng xiaogang, ge you, white lilies, li xiaolu, Ryan co-stars, corporate dilettantes, eternal song dan-dan famous, Li Chengru, wang baoqiang, and many other comedy has proved full backup. The film the private ordering the film opened the tortuous finally got the license, and officially released on 19th. The film as an annual feng hesui blockbuster 2013 works, soared on its week 4. Passion in 300 million, with no doubt on the 2 d fast film 'broken 4' film. Films, each star in the black coat with big sunglasses and cold expression, is amazing. Contracted and the atmosphere of the assembly on sunglasses clever ornament, not only embodies the spirit of a kind of pursuit of design, but also raise to individual characteristics. 'Private custom' on the surface is a comedy, but feng still add some criticism of the reality in the plot, changes the feng comedy humor easy and fluent style, to critique of reality, in the form of hidden in the audience a strong resonance.
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