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The usefulness of mountaineering sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Sunglasses for the mountain climber, it is their instruments of eye protection is necessary. The climber climbing is mostly more than four or five kilometers mountains, in the sunlight contains a large number of infrared and ultraviolet radiation to the human eye can't see. The more sunshine, the greater the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light, a reflection of snow and ice will burn his eyes. If there is no shelter, direct exposure to the retina of the eye, will burn visual cells in the retina, the light of the cause vision loss, serious will be completely blind, medically known as snow blindness. Recommended reading: mountain: why do you want to wear sunglasses? Mountaineers wear sunglasses, lens glass containing can absorb infrared and ultraviolet ferric oxide and cobalt oxide chemical drugs. These two compounds to join the glass raw material, as a special glass manufacturing mountaineers with sunglasses. Polarizer ( 极化的镜头) Polarized lens can filter out certain direction absorb light, so as to have the effect of reducing the light entering the eye, buying polarizer, stores usually provide a picture, just with a polarizer to see the pictures on the screen. Color lenses ( 光致变色镜片) Color lenses can according to automatically adjust the light intensity, light and shade when strong light, the color of the lens is darker, weak light, the color of the lens will becomes shallow. Polarizer and BianSeJing represents the advanced sunglasses technology, good sunglasses will have the shadow of these two kinds of science and technology. Other features mountaineering always face all kinds of bad weather, so also have special requirements to sunglasses. In addition to the sunglasses lenses are demanding protection grade, other aspects of sunglasses is also very important. Anti-fog, who all don't want to walk his sunglasses on a layer of fog, the high quality lenses have this function, also need to be careful when wiping practical frame, design good sunglasses can be a very good hook for your ears and not let you sad, because when intense climb is very easy to lose sunglasses good fit, good sunglasses will baffle design, as far as possible and climbers facial, blocking all directions to the sun. 吗? 吗?
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