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The villain angels of all kinds of glasses modelling

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Directed by deng chao, combining the YuBai eyebrow, deng chao and sun li comedy starring film 'the villain angel' in December 24, Christmas, New Year file. And released the unique style of the new film posters and trivia, can be seen from the posters and trivia, deng chao and sun li all sorts of strange flower glasses up all the attention, like the glasses to show. One half of the poster is the grandson couple face, her nose hanging on frozen large glasses tied a rope, deng chao is clutching the rope narrowly in mid-air, sun li, zheng eyes staring at the tip of deng chao, strong contrast and visual impact of having a unique style. The poster is sun li jokingly called 'stare' super, indeed god form of both. Four eyes sister with a bottle bar deng chao sun li wears a big rimless glasses DaiSha sample with deng chao bike taking grandson couple glasses friend rob mirror from the party released movie introduction, deng chao's murphy is a debt collection professional villains rogue, sun li's check knife is an innocent and weak students with excellent grades, such quirks how two totally different life path of people walk to arrive together? Let us on Christmas Eve an eye-opener! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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