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The warm spring launch - — The maybach new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Winter snow melt, all things recovery. New maybach new sunglasses has been adhering to the low-key luxury style, more ingenious design, incarnate the messengers of spring to bring us a piece of warm meaning. THE MONARCH I prince series combination of platinum plating and ox horn material, its leg outer brush on 8 ivory white piano lacquer layer, make spring romance THE BARON II BARON series one of THE top five exquisite diamond inlaid at THE pile head, from all angles to see THE brilliance of diamond is full of deutsche low-key costly THE PRIMADONNA heroine series II tiramisu and ivory color, THE same circle of double bands before, full of THE female's gentle temperament THE EARL VI EARL series from THE maybach perfect handle for ox horn material, to create such a pure wine red ox horn mirror legs THE PATRON I sponsor series lateral carbon fiber and THE medial ebony mirror legs are silver plated platinum metal package, circle surrounded by English logo before carving THE SOVEREIGN ruler VI series black marble THE outside and inside of THE ocean blue ox horn mirror legs, seven layers horn suppression and become, which increased THE hardness, more added detail texture of THE SOVEREIGN ruler series I black marble color and brown matte back, central mirror legs with metal insert brand logo
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