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Their arrival sunglasses tothe hand extraordinary charm

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Directed by the film and television production, tang dynasty Lin Jianlong, Xu Huikang, brief, jiang thin film, Zeng Li, Oscar features his co-star in football youth inspirational drama 'whirlwind eleven' campus just well packaged. Because of their arrival and the former girlfriend jiang thin film, cause the attention of many people. The arrival change ever young niche image, a pair of sunglasses hand all day, a mouth lane slag, poison tongue witty personality combined with the modelling of cool sunglasses, tothe extraordinary charm. Classic frog mirror type match with their arrival this handsome face is so fit frog mirror tired of playing, occasionally for a change, square sunglasses is also increasingly see the Mona Lisa smile if I very handsome city of ha, tothe tortoiseshell is my representatives while the arrival of the down and out, but it is men's charm, he has his own pursuit and principles, but also special spoony, every day with the deputy tortoiseshell frog mirror face, as if to hide himself, and seemed to be cool, for whatever reason, this pair of frog mirror a bonus to a coach. Recommend a sunglasses: sunglasses factory YC9713 general sunglasses C3 hawksbill/tea sunglasses factory YC9015 golden sunglasses tide restoring ancient ways male frog mirror polarized sunglasses
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