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There are quite a few myth and drive special glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Driving on the road and drive special glasses, no doubt, is a handsome and smart in thing, so there are many drivers in order to more effective psychological drive in choosing special sunglasses is dominated by its appearance. But already entered some erroneous zone, and the error of driving safety and the influence of the driver's eyes are not small, so the driver friends when choosing drive special sunglasses to reason, to wear special glasses to drive common misconceptions about is very important, such as the following points. 1, sunglasses for driving the lens color is not as deep as possible; First to get to know a case: 'the Spring Festival my family to the countryside, because the sunshine, I will put on the sunglasses to drive, is probably the sunglasses too dark, in a rural road to turn right when you get on from the rearview mirror to see the car speed is not fast, so I just hit the steering wheel, as a result, the two cars crashed into a, oneself so injured head, and car also hurt his tail, but in the back seat of the family all right, otherwise, really sorry. 'Miss Lou about this because of the accident to sunglasses, think too dark sunglasses or make her not to react in time, so just can have such mistake happened. Sunglasses factory YC9706 unisex sunglass C1 bright black/grey is indeed dark sunglasses buried a potential safety hazard in the accident. Because the dark sunglasses can send images to the brain's time delay eyes, this visual delay and cause distortion speed feeling, make the driver wear sunglasses make wrong judgment. And studies have shown that a deep dark glasses will extend the driver for emergency response time. 2, mild myopia drivers don't wear myopia glasses; Some drivers slight myopia, usually don't wear myopia glasses no problem driving. But once put on sunglasses, there will be an eye more easily fatigue, eyesight will fall, just like driving at night vision will be affected. So for the driver of myopia, can use a clamping piece sunglasses or a drive special sunglasses with a pair of myopia, but less convenient clamping piece sunglasses, proposal with one-piece myopia glasses, such both neither can increase the burden of the bridge of the nose, design also is very fashionable. 3, think colorful glasses to drive special sunglasses handsome have a type; Especially the fashionable young drivers can choose a variety of colorful sunglasses, but although these lenses look fashionable, but it should not be used while driving. Such as pink, purple lens can change color, spectral, cause in the process of the driving cause errors in judgment to the road conditions. The grey lens is the color of the sunglasses is most suitable for driving, because will not change the basic chromatographic gray. Followed by dark brown, yellow lenses are good, dark brown, yellow lenses enhance the role of brightness, suit to foggy, dusty environment, etc. Recommended reading: driving sunglasses is not just to wear sunglasses factory: 1. 61 myopia polarized sun glasses is clear radiation-hardened grey 4, on the choice of drive special sunglasses to take it easy; A lot of research on sunglasses without driver, will buy some goods to wear by the road, but in fact these roadside no uv protection function. The lens is very common, can cause more damage to the eyes. When choose drive special sunglasses lens, the best is to choose the good quality, good light penetration of optical lenses.
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