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This mountain uncle borrow retro sunglasses show funny 'veteran' transformation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Recently, uncle brawl with small shenyang, Song Xiaobao, xiao-guang liu, 'zhao home class' such as people on their private jets at nanjing, for its subversive transformation work s drama 'veteran' propaganda. 'Veteran' is zhao4 ben3 shan is guide and play, pour all energy poured the transformation of the subversive. It brings together the information war, the war of resistance, such as love, suspense, shooting all elements. In addition, the show is a big attraction, comedy, zhao benshan will always to retro sunglasses deduce joker eye famous tear jerker of tore heart crack lung. Conference on the same day, this mountain uncle said 'all is to overturn our previous work, maybe you will be successful, are likely to fail. But this is my attitude, dare to challenge myself. 'In addition, he also wrote four Chinese characters' success ', I hope he can get the transformation of the new audience recognition.
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