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Thom Browne glasses new appreciation

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Thom Browne don't know if you have heard of this glasses brand, this brand is a cool feeling, reflect American bosses of evil spirit's brand of new style, the main character of clothing, but it also very individual character trendy glasses! Thom Browne, starting in 2011 launched Optical feeder series, is one of the best brand fashionable gentleman aesthetic extends to the glasses design, get the favour of many fashion lovers. In 2016 chun xia series of new stores, Thom Browne continue to knead Japanese hand made craft and American style, with excellent acetate plate, titanium frame and gold-plated details reflect multiple design feeling, after by trademark red, white and blue Logo highlight brand identity. Delicate and dainty metal frame, frame on the nose is also won't appear massiness, thin mirror legs wrapped the edge, the lenses on the ear not card was painful. The glasses are not very individual character, design of relatively conservative, but delicate do manual work and make it a bonus, very suitable for business people. The sunglasses big characteristic is its leg design, in the second part of its leg design more slim, and general sunglasses contrasts. Designer glasses recommendation: tyrannosaurus BJ1055 glass frame P01 black guy laroche GL0507C06 ms commercial pure titanium half box code red wine myopia glasses
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