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Thom Browne sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Thom Browne is the Tom brown, Thom Browne) Menswear designer own brand, he once won the international fashion group 2005 men's nova title. Thom Browne brand is a cool feeling, reflect American bosses of evil spirit's style of the new brand. Thom Browne sunglasses with its original style, also challenges the traditional rigid design, let people have a more natural and relaxed, more fashionable, individual character of new options. Let's look at Thom Browne sunglasses on the basis of common sense. Thom Browne sunglasses design concept with bright silver, iron black, gold black three colors, the retro hook type lens foot and square frame, modeling exaggerated deduce all give a person a kind of slightly nervous texture. Square frame sunglasses can modify rectangle face or round face, square face if it is the man wearing a square frame is not suitable. The texture of the metal frame, more prominent face and publicity of the outline of temperament, let the men wear looks more mature. Thom Browne sunglasses also equipped with a uv lens. Thom Browne sunglasses price Thom Browne believed that fashion and style is derived from the inner, so its customers more than men on the road to success. To highlight the man's self-confidence and dignity, Thom Browne sunglasses frames chose 12 k gold and titanium alloy material, give a person a kind of hale and hearty. In Japan by skilled craftsmen to build complete sunglasses, expected to cost about $550. Thom Browne sunglasses after launch, the sentiment index has ballooned. In addition, Thom Browne also actively and other brand cooperation, with the I. T cooperation launched fashion picture frame. Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses C2 leg above the red box ash is Thom Browne sunglasses how related content, in general is that if you want to personality, innovative, to challenge the traditional style, might as well try Thom Browne sunglasses. Of course, if you prefer the simple, regular some sunglasses, can try sunglasses factory brand sunglasses, very affordable, comfortable!
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