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Those sunglasses makeup, look at the stars every minute become fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Sunglasses as a joker artifact, is the love of many MM, but sunglasses are need not arrange appearance? Obviously not, wearing dark glasses and how to dress up? Let's look at the stars wear sunglasses below are how to dress up. Zhang ziyi fashion sunglasses, coral red lip, radiant mirror surface has been a fashionable tide people suck out street eyes better choice, zhang ziyi wears this lens reflects the enchanting blue-green light, pink embellish skin foil to connect fully, deserve to go up again a full vigour of the coral color is red lip, slightly up fine eyebrow and shallow a smile as if to tell everyone: married sister happy! Yang mi square sunglasses dark brown eyebrows, look a little cold Yang's square glasses. Cool? She coldly, unsmiling air dalai, assistant behind a madam, professional advice. Hit bottom makeup special immaculate uniform, dark brown bold black eyebrows and a square glasses together to show the presence of the Yang mi. Kitty zhang cool mirror, a small red lips sexy Kitty zhang went to the seaside vacation to relax, dressed in a suit and a ponytail, wearing blue mirror mirror echo the beautiful sea. Skin white and tender to makeup feeling, light eyebrows are well type, lips with only the shallow lipstick is very vigorous. Zhang beauty don't forget to do sufficient prevent bask in, oh! Tiffany tang oval sunglasses, pink embellish lips sweet charming tiffany tang wearing sunglasses, hold down brim, don't look at really beyond recognition, in her long hair scattered on both sides of the great effect of repairing facial! Pink embellish lipstick is sweet, the leakage type double eyebrow there are nice, ah ~ a high standard of appearance is well dressed. Zhang zilin, classic frog mirror, sunshine big beautiful pink lipstick die zhang zilin, lying on the grass enjoying the sunshine of good mood, the skin is very delicate, powder drink good color lipstick with health. Dear friends ~ see no, if you want to have a star meimei dalai and the temperament of fashion, actually very simple, minutes and seconds the done thing! A pair of cool sunglasses, face render well, only need to focus on the eyebrows and lips, the ornament is OK! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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