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Three advantages of glasses for the Spring Festival_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-06
When the Spring Festival is approaching, many girls like to buy new clothes and new shoes, and many handsome guys are busy with glasses. January and February are the peak periods for changing glasses. Students are the main consumer group, and some users will change to a new pair of glasses frames to 'remove the old and welcome the new.' At present, the lightweight titanium frame has become the first choice of consumers. The three advantages of wearing glasses during the Spring Festival: Let yourself become gentle, it is an intimate gift for parents, and can protect the glasses when you light firecrackers. The three advantages of wearing glasses during the Spring Festival-Xian Siwen reunites with his family during the Spring Festival, and elders will inevitably be asked questions about work and relationship status. Choosing a pair of red or gold glasses for the Spring Festival will make you look high-end and elegant. Wearing a pair of glasses that highlight the advantages of your face, you can easily make yourself gentle and decent. The fashionable and avant-garde glasses can not only correct the refractive index, but also show the charm of personality. The three advantages of matching glasses during the Spring Festival-making gifts is now a lot of people born in the 80s who work in the field all year round, and can only come home to honor their parents during the short few days of the Spring Festival every year. If you find that elderly mothers are getting more and more struggling to read text messages on their mobile phones, or need to keep their books far away when reading, it is because they generally have presbyopia in old age. It would be better to give her a mobile phone for the elderly, or a pair of reading glasses. If after the appearance of presbyopia, do not wear reading glasses, then ciliary muscle exhaustion can not be adjusted, it will definitely aggravate reading difficulties, causing dizziness and swelling and many other symptoms. Before matching presbyopic glasses, you should get the optics first, and you can't buy them blindly. Three advantages of wearing glasses during the Spring Festival-preventing firecrackers from being injured. Every year during the Spring Festival, many people are injured in their eyes, especially children. Because the eyes are very soft, strong explosions often cause serious damage to the eyes. If there is no obvious damage to the eyes, no pain, tearing, foreign body sensation, etc., just rinse the eyes with clean water. Once your eyes are injured by firecrackers, you should go to the nearest hospital for treatment as soon as possible. A better way to protect your eyes is to wear a pair of glasses when setting off firecrackers. Resin lens is a better choice, even if it breaks, it will not scratch the eyes.
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