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Three design features extremely new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Now both in dress and personality characteristics, exquisite individual character characteristic, sunglass is not exceptional also, only a distinctive things can attract people's attention, arouse people's attention, let's look at the three design features extremely new sunglasses. 1, 2017, Prada Tapestry of color matching sunglasses highly artistic distinctive modelling look and feel, hollow out design gives the glasses in the picture frame with lens, hollow structure was produced through the exquisite craft, cleverly made glasses multilayer space feeling, both in frames and framed art to hollow out on the design of a more aesthetic dimension. Just the right colour collocation ZaoJu play feeling halfback modelling modelling, deduce the eyeball of the different style. Recommended reading: how to choose and buy new Prada sunglasses Tapestry special sunglasses in brand 2017 qiu dong series to shine in the show, the perfect echo the theme of this season clothing elements. Elegant chic in the frame, pure manual Mosaic of velvet embedded ACTS the role of the ornament on the frame and the line of its leg, is the best choice of the expression of fashion and personality. The velvet embedded rich color, pattern is present a wonderful visual illusion effects, the use of special process meticulously. Color selection with dance velvet tone is given priority to, including shallow blue, purple, purple, deep cherry red, the color of camel's hair and black. 2, miu miu logo (ornament Prada letters Miu Miu) 2017 Scenique Evolution wine red sunglasses Miu Miu Scenique Evolution series new sunglasses styles, all exhibit brand vitality thriving design. Smooth metal line draw the outline of the cat's eye shape frame of women completely, and embedded soft round the lens. Provide color choice: lens optional charcoal ash lake blue, charcoal gray lens dark chocolate color, bright purple, mirror black chocolate; The metal frame colors including black, peach pink, bright pink and crimson restoring ancient ways. The ornament carved Miu Miu letters logo. 3, prada, Prada) Ornate 2017 round metal frame sunglasses Prada new Ornate metal glasses series, with precious ornaments and faithfully reproduce the original inspiration. Soft delicate lines of large circular planar lens frameless dotted with dazzling dazzling crystal plate embedded ACTS the role of novel and chic. Its leg adhering to the minimalism design concept, in contrast with luxuriant box before. This glasses plate embedded act the role of color optional: in the grey hawksbill and tortoise shell. With blue mirror, gray, dark gray color lenses, red bean paste with carved Prada logo. Recommended reading: buy sunglasses must know the seven elements of the above are three distinctive new sunglasses, if you still want to know more information sunglasses can go to the glasses sunglasses factory network view.
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