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Three different types of woman should be how to choose sunglass

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Sunglasses not only have the eyes keep out ultraviolet protection function, and decorative appearance, the function of the cover facial defects. For example, the long nose face can be equipped with appropriate frame bridge of the nose, to have good decoration effect; While wearing dark broad-brimmed glasses, can hide or cover such as drooping eyelids and facial scar flaw, decorate makeup effect. So according to different types of women how to choose sunglass? 1. 'Competent' type female candidates 'cat's eye' sunglasses want to look more capable, recommends wearing frame as the 'cat's eye' type of sunglasses, rose slightly on both ends, promote the queen's aura. Can match the close-fitting jumper and tailored suit trousers, jacket into shorts and belted up fashion index soared, with high heels, instantaneous temperament roof. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple 2. 'Leisure' type female candidates 'square' sunglasses want to look more casual, you can choose to 'square', its overall frame for linear coarser. The frame itself is intellectual, therefore and the feeling of leisure clothing more build. Choose a blouse, swan flannelette, such as casual pants, plus a simple pair of ankle boots, relaxed and pleasant. 3. 'Lazy' cute glasses choose type woman 'Wellington' model of sunglasses want to a lazy lovely woman can choose 'Wellington' type frame collocation, inverted trapezoidal shape of the Wellington, simple and stable, Hold all kinds of occasions. Choose simple knitting sweater with fluffy miniskirts, plus a ShuangJian age of tennis shoes, more show lively and lovely shape. Women are good-looking, are eager to have a perfect face, at this time we will learn to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in the choice of sunglasses, choose a suitable for his glasses, showing their own brilliance. More sunglasses to match skills to view glasses sunglasses factory network. Recommended reading: the collocation of 5 sunglasses strategy
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