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Throughout the sunglasses market are facing the problem

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Every industry in the process of the development of more or less will have some problems, some even have special difficult bottleneck period, also the sunglasses market more or less has some problems, today we're going to analyse the sunglasses market are facing the problem. Ray-ban RB4242 710/73 hawksbill a unisex eyeglass frame, product quality is uneven. High quality lenses with a special coating, can block most ultraviolet ray, protect eyes, but the technical requirements for the production of the lens and the high cost. As a result, some unscrupulous vendors for the pursuit of high profits, omit coating step, only change the color in the lens to add coating, shoddy, or even sell '3 without' goods. And inferior glasses does not block ultraviolet light, to cause the wearer dilated pupils, more ultraviolet light into the eye, if worn for a long time can cause impaired vision, even symptoms such as nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia. Second, easy to fall into consumptive error. Sunglass is a kind of to prevent sunlight intense stimulation to the human eye damage eyesight health supplies, but with the sunglasses styles constantly, plus celebrity endorsement advertising, the role of celebrities wearing effect, the sun glasses by consumers gradually as a fashion accessories that reflects individual style more. As a result, many consumers vulnerable to only notice when the choose and buy sunglasses color, style and material, workmanship, completely ignore glasses consumption error, thus the choose and buy the bad products cause eye damage. Third, consumer rights protection is difficult. Due to some consumers lack the consciousness of the invoices from purchase, a few businessmen tend not to take the initiative to provide sales orders and invoices; There are some consumers do not pay attention to keep buying sunglasses, once appear quality problem, consumption disputes occurs, due to the lack of effective consumption credentials will lead to settlement department forensics harder, rights protection into the passive, the consumers not to protect the legitimate rights and interests. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4125F men 901 black four, 'free-ride' phenomenon. In the official monopoly of the high price of international first-line brand sunglasses, the price is in commonly one thousand yuan of above, prohibitive. However, the designer sunglasses 'imitation', 'copy' version on the roadside shops, the price is much lower, from dozens to hundreds of yuan. Compared with the real thing, this kind of 'fake' products not only have obvious price advantage, and the shape and the real difference is not big, even after wearing others difficult points and authenticity, received numerous 'hipster' consumers. But behind low prices, not only cannot compare with real quality, this commodity is also very possible process and material didn't pass. The problems about sunglasses industry is above, so in the face of these problems we should be how to deal with? You can view the relevant article: sunglasses market are faced with the problem how to solve.
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