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Tide all big glasses will not wear

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
At present, big glasses is the star of love, many film and television works have big glasses. Romantic love in the film 'brokenhearted 33 days', the article plays wang is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and he wears a black big glasses of restoring ancient ways is nifty and fashion. Hit drama, 'the man is helped', stars are wearing a pair of big glasses, different people wear, have different customs.
big glasses not only the star's patent, walking in the streets, who stood on the trend of cutting-edge fashion young, handsome and beautiful are not far behind, on the bridge of the nose with a pair of big glasses, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Big glasses modified face, agitation, but for everyone to wear big glasses?
in fact, not everyone is suitable for wearing a big glasses, especially small distance and high myopia patients.
the optometry glasses, there are two important parameters: the diopter and pd. Big glasses often seen in the distance. With large glasses, especially need to consider the distance of two pieces of the center of the lens distance should suit with patients with pd. Otherwise, even if the degree, the right patients after wearing glasses will also have the feeling of discomfort, and affect vision. Big glasses in becomes fashionable at the same time, also because of the lens is too big, do not conform to the human eye optical center distance is the actual distance, will cause certain influence to the eyes. Some smaller pd patients with large framed, merchants to glasses look amplify pd may be some, but such as long distance big glasses, patients prone to symptoms such as blurred vision, visual fatigue, so distance is not recommended for smaller people wear big glasses.
if patients with myopia wear glasses, first of all must be done to the professional inspection agency optometry, look at your eyes distance whether to wear big glasses, and under the guidance of professional doctors choose appropriate distance range of glasses. Oh beauty important, health is more important.
the article title: trend all big glasses will not wear

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