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Tide sunglasses how to choose?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
To pack B, and how to involve tide sunglasses, although have seen many face choose sunglasses strategy, but really to buy time, everyone feel the same way: think all theory are for reference only. Because the present trend of modelling of those Sunglasses are always changed, but most of the time only wearing on the face the moment you know what is suitable for not suitable for. Instead focused their study is more like what kind of face shape, and a kind of fashion sunglasses what kind, we might as well speak to sunglasses to see face directly. Let us together to look at the coffee they wear fire fashion sunglasses is what type? Kim is a horizontal beam, ink, mirror, sunglasses, factory YC3028 unisex sunglass hawksbill gold/lens ash C4 a flower? Suitable for face: the unique design, with the distinct lines all face popular mirror element, unique metal beam design, highlight personality, mixed halfback and the cast of feeling restoring ancient ways, become fashion blogger, big star cafe design of tide of a pair of hands, not only that, this model of sunglasses don't pick people, almost all face shape can harness, absolute is a fashion person sunken modelling tool! Complex, ancient, round, ink, mirror sunglasses factory YC3026 unisex sunglass C03 copper powder/lens dazzle colour red? Suitable for face: frame, oval, hand face with fashion daxing wind restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways round sunglasses are also secretly, become a hot item in star street snap. Restore ancient ways round sunglasses, very agreed to build a strong sense of style. But the sunglasses that restore ancient ways to harness pick face, a round face and don't try, meat face best if really don't want to give up, choose a pair of oversize, just little face. D. type, ink, mirror sunglasses factory YC3030 unisex sunglass C3 amber/lens grey? Suitable face shapes: round, oval, frame type D the shape of the sunglasses is enduring classic designs. Initial D sunglasses for men, the girl wears more tide girlies handsome. This sunglasses, because of its line itself enough hale and hearty, so not suitable for square face or angular face. Instead of facial soft round face, long, flat face on which can highlight line feeling, achieve facial harmonious proportions, with new times. So many fashion sunglasses whether let myopia distress, you cannot wear suits him but his eyesight demand. Luckily, so many tidal pettigrew in tide time can find corresponding one by one, all can be processed into myopia sunglasses at the same time, make myopia you can pack B, grounding gas retail price positioning and 24-hour delivery free of charge 48 hours of the forward delivery let love wave after wave of you enjoy the right mirror as soon as possible. Recommended topics: list of brand of homebred sunglasses 2016 popular sunglasses
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