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Tiffany tang sunglasses covered face pass by in a hurry

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Recently, tiffany tang mask cover the face, but also with a reflective fashion sunglasses, the whole face covered up in a hotel. The day her a simple lovely black T take a cowboy, wearing a black coat, carrying a backpack, leisure and fashion. Small make up just a little worried about the heat gas wear so much, will not be too hot ah, ha, ha, ha ~ sunglasses and mask covering the tiffany tang, such as a driver at the gate of the hotel as tiffany tang some hurried out of the hotel lobby, assistant also stretch hand to stop the paparazzi photographed and tiffany tang is not clear about their own car, the others are mercilessly please get off the bus, the driver of the car but only to return to the hotel lobby, such as their only after the driver pulled up to the door again out of the hotel. Large box square sunglasses fashion personality tiffany tang in the entertainment industry is a high level in appearance but also the goddess of the characters, not only tall, beautiful, even the collocation of clothes are so fashionable tide, modelling is concave. But the goddess is sunglasses loyal fans, no matter go where all like sunglasses covered surface, and it also the collocation of fashion, for her beautiful appearance is a bonus. So if you want to let oneself more beautiful tide, you choose a pair of sunglasses, also can freely sunken modelling oh ~ image from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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