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Tiffany tang, sweet scene, li yuchun who sunglasses appearance level high?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Sunglasses for female star, is not as simple a accessories, it bring for women is more of a confident attitude towards life and self protection of social attitudes. Not letter you see goddess tiffany tang, sweet scene, li yuchun, the street are sunglasses covered face, all the aura, who on earth they sunglasses appearance higher levels? Scene sweet sunglasses appearance level: four star it is sweet in the Los Angeles airport scene photos, she dressed in a white coat, she looks pure and flawless. Inside take a pure color letters T-shirt with black shorts, leisure contrast is very obvious, showing strong fashion sense. But the most attract attention or her fashion beautiful sunglasses, clean light lens to foil the color of his skin is more white, and also improved the whole delicate feeling. In addition a pair of big black knee-high boots the big long legs line out of the sky. Visually increase the waist line, spin down the line, to make her legs look more slender, figure more perfect. Tiffany tang sunglasses appearance level: three star tiffany tang also wearing a large white coat! , but fortunately the goddess temperament also is very good, wear round sunglasses are cool, can be a little tide restoring ancient ways feel although this white coat of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that made her look like a 'Bai Pan dumplings', but with a black leggings but more prominent her slender level of big long legs ~ Zhang Li sunglasses appearance: see Zhang Li five stars, a lot of people think of gentle goddess of beauty, temperament, but cut short hair Zhang Li gives a person is handsome. Especially the frog mirror surface, not only handsome but also very delicate, the skin more fair, more to support the senses. Sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses sunglasses in a cloth case grain dust coat collocation hole irregular legs jeans, light color and black and white sandals, deduce light ripe fan! Ankle and sandals in the shape of the awaken of spring. A clean hair black handsome sunglasses, immediately release the fashionable feeling. Li yuchun sunglasses appearance level in recent years, with individual and unique charm, huge influence of li and extremely legendary acting experience, let she soon becomes the international fashion of high-profile a new generation of fashion icon. Li yuchun, dressed in a green plaid coat inside take pink fleece, bold played a bump color! The collocation of colour jump style, across the screen, can feel the freshness of a spring. Run the triangle aviator sunglasses + along the jazz cap, carry a some handsome British college temperament. Gucci GG4276 / S unisex sunglass hawksbill gold J5GCC saw these sunglasses appearance level of the goddess, which one do you prefer? Sunglasses have been a member is indispensable in the fashion sheet is tasted, not only many stars, many ordinary people also like to go out wearing sunglasses improve pretend bility, what are you waiting for?
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